• Shulkie cancelled. Let us commiserate together with my favorite thing ever: donuts. Cake donuts. Don't be coming in here with glaze, you hateful banshees.
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I think I’ve reached a point in my life when I should raise and train bees.

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WOCtover: America Chavez, Kamala Khan, Ororo Munroe.

Miss America needs a solo series

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Oh fuuuuuuuck no.  

I wonder if you can leash train it

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It is approximately half a bipple.


I love when people are concerned about my weight gain. That’s funny, I don’t remember being concerned about my weight gain. In fact, I might just gain fifty more pounds to prove how little I care about your opinion of my appearance.


I need to find someone like Archie
Someone who wants to cuddle
Someone who loves laying next to me
Someone who gives belly massages
and loves belly massages in return
Someone who loves to sit and watch movies with me
Somone who can’t wait for me to get home
and worries when I’m not home on time
Someone who run back and forth screaming in the middle of the night
okay,maybe not that last one.


OMG„my Halloween wig is so tall. How tall is it? So.

And I purchased a tiny boat today to put on top of it, so then it will be even taller.

Also, I may have to spirit gum the hairline to my head. fun.


Okay, so today I went to Target because I went to find jeans. Why do I want jeans eventhough I haven’t worn them in years and never been a big fan of them? Well, my current pants selection I felt wasn’t as flattering as they could be, so I thought I’d try other options. So I go to Target. I wear sometimes and 38 and sometimes a 40. In the entire men’s section, there were only three pairs of 38s in both jeans and pants. Most jeans stopped at 32. And there was one pair of 40s in the store. They did have signs up, “For more sizes, visit”, but I tried those four pairs on, and only one really fit. Two were too small, but one fit but wasn’t flattering. And then we went to Old Navy which had absolutely nothing in my size. Not a single pair. And we went to Marshalls that had five pairs of old man pants in my size. All I could think of all day was Nicki Minaj singing, “Fuck those skinny bitches. Fuck those skinny bitches.” Really? Like, I don’t even think I’m that big. And on the rare occasion I find bigger sizes, they assume we’re all over 6 feet tall.