WHen no one was paying attention I got married today. I don’t know who the lucky man is. And I forgot all about it. And I probably should give Katie this ring back at some point. But it is an opal.



Took a break from commissions last night to sketch a tiny Storm, of the X-Men.

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I keep getting ads on facebook for Prezista. I’m like, is it a mental health drug? So I click on it. It’s an HIV drug. Is this because I’m gay, facebook? rude.



Cover art for Bob Shaw’s book One Million Tomorrows by Leo and Diane Dillon, 1970

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There’s one thing I make all the time, and it’s so perfect. If you are poor, you can afford this. If you don’t have much energy, you can make this. If you are in a hurry, it only takes about half an hour. If you don’t like alot of cleanup, it’s made in one pot.

So here is what you need:

a family-sized package of yellow rice

a can of yellow corn

a can of black beans

a can of diced tomatoes.

So here’s what you do:

Measure your water per rice instuctions put it in a pot, and turn the heat on.

Open your cans and drain out excess fluids

When the water is boiling, add the veg and rice, stir, lower the temperature, put a lid on it, come back in 20 minutes.

This can feed a family of three or four, or it can feed one person for a few days.


buy a rotisserie chicken, pick the chicken, skin and all, add it to the pot. This brings your total to about $12, so it’s a little more ritsy and time consuming, but your hands will be so soft afterwards.

add frozen broccoli bits and pieces to the water before turning the heat on. This gives it time to thaw and cook. If you like broccoli stem, you can usually get a decent sized bag of bits and pieces for around $2, and it will be way more than what you need for this.

You can also add hot sauce. My favorite is Cholula (I know I know, I’m from Louisiana and don’t pick Tabasco, Louisiana, or Crystal. I like this one better). You can sometimes find unusual variations of Cholula in international markets and in discount grocery stores, and they’re all good.